The Kim Dotcom Case: The Good, the Bad and the Neutral

The Kim Dotcom Case:

The Good, the Bad and the Neutral.

When the government declared that it will seize back its protections against net neutrality, many
were left confused and concerned about the future of the internet. The media coverage was vast.. Many were concerned and for good reason. Net neutrality allows for individuals to access information on the internet indiscriminately without having to worry about having their websites monitored by service
providers. When the news story of Kim Dotcom was released, it was not surprising to find that the Megaupload entrepreneur built his incredible fortune through copy infringement of movies and other entertainment outlets. Information about his properties and exclusive lifestyle were brought to the
light after it was found that he was arrested for the charges that were previously mentioned.

But I mean is it really surprising? In today’s modern times, it is not difficult to find and reproduce
content without the permission of the original content creator. The problem has always stemmed from our culture’s infatuation with obtaining the unreachable and seeking to have the latest technology, information and gadgets.

Removing net neutrality won’t make these problems go away, the only thing that it will succeed in doing
is providing people with an alarming sense of control. Which is exactly why Dotcom is seen as some kind of bold and audacious human being that has allowed us to have some of the things that for
one reason or another are unattainable for many of us. It’s like the fun uncle who wants to provide you with the sweets that you are rarely allowed to have.

Interesting enough, Dotcom is also amongst the super rich companies that influence the internet in
order to be and stay ahead of the competition. It is necessary to realize that this person is in many ways a part of the problem. He made easy money manipulating content in order to profit enormously from it. Excusing this kind of behavior for whatever reason only encourages others to do the same whether it’s internet rebels seeking to provide cheap goods to consumers or high end companies and businesses that seek to manipulate people into buying their products online.

Although Dotcom is adored by the public and held in high regard by many, the major media outlets
portray him as a calculating and highly intelligent person. His rich lifestyle and his ability to break the law has gained him much fame and speculation.

But neither speculation nor the end of net neutrality will fix the main issue here. It is important to
stop making our conversation about money and fame and focus on the bigger picture. We need to educate our social system and understand the consumers expectation. We need to refrain from seeking the easy way out and establish boundaries that protect the privacy of both the consumer and the seller. These boundaries will allow for a better quality of life online and in the outside world.

According to The Hill, net neutrality would have a huge impact on low income individuals as well as
minorties who depend on an open internet in order to facilitate aid to them whether it be healthcare access or activists websites that are just growing.